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Brand New Funk was sparked from Adam F buying a second hand Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Vocoder and Clavinet D6 Honer (used by Stevie wonder on 'Superstition). Adam drew inspiration from the vibrant Funk era for his monumental track artists and their film score work such as Lalo Shiffrin, Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones. "I set the scene in my bedroom studio to compose Brand New Funk with an eerie intro of pads, sound FX and set up my Rhodes and placed the Clavinet on top of the Rhodes with a wah wah pedal to play both instruments simultaneously then pressed record and jammed for about an hour. I wanted to fuse my background of Funk and 70's film soundtracks with the Jungle and emerging drum and bass music I had heard at that time but with an arrangement that wasn't predictable or formulaic. Honestly, I selfishly composed, produced and arranged this track for my enjoyment without thinking about making a track that was structured to be DJ friendly. When I conceived this track I was new to the emerging rave, jungle genre and most productions were made up of samples and structured arrangements so I had no idea how my long intro of analogue sythns, pads, horns, vocoder FX and live instruments with an unpredictable arrangement unfamiliar to the genre would be received."

Brand New Funk has became a legacy in the genre, both as a stand out track and a pivotal moment that has influenced other artists and producers to experiment.

"It's incredibly humbling to know that my work on Brand New Funk sparked a fusion movement within the jungle/drum and bass scene over the last decade with various bootlegs from new generations of artists and producers." Adam F' took a break from the limelight as an artist releasing albums from this genre after his debut album 'Colours' and launched his Label's, KAOS RECORDINGS & BREAKBEAT KAOS highlighting new artists of the time such as, Chase and Status, Pendulum, Nero and Sigma that went on to be some of the most well known names in the genre.

A new era now begins with the launch of 181 Recordings, Adam F's new label with partner Kirsty Hawkshaw. Following the first 181 Recordings release of OPUS III's 'Fine Day 2024' We are excited to announce the release of 2 official reboots of 'Brand New Funk' that have been supported initially by the likes of Goldie, Grooverider, Bryan Gee, Frost, Voltage, DJ Hype, tearing up the clubs over the last year. Now available to pre order is a special limited edition of the 'Brand New Funk Reboots' on coloured, black vinyl and Digital that include an official Bladerunner Reboot and a special Adam F Reboot. "For my reboot of Brand New Funk, I recorded new live funk bass and horns to add a new section in the arrangement not heard in the original version. I am truly humbled and grateful for the support for both the original and the new release on 181 Recordings."

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